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    William Eagles

    William Eagles Ltd was established in 1850 and is today one of the UK's foremost manufacturers of fire fighting equipment and fittings.

    William Eagles was established in 1850 manufacturing a range of engineered solutions. Over 150 years later, we are one of the UK's foremost designers and manufacturers of firefighting equipment and fittings.

    From our experience of working with and supplying the major oil companies across the globe, we have the ability to manufacture a vast range of bespoke products in a variety of materials suited to the onshore and offshore oil and gas market.

    William Eagles

    Hydrant Landing Valves

    2?" nominal bore landing valve manufactured in accordance with BS 5041 Part 1 for wet risers.

    William Eagles


    Instantaneous coupling sets manufactured in accordance with BS 336.

    William Eagles

    Pressure Reducing Hydrant Valves

    2?" nominal bore pressure reducing landing valve manufactured in accordance with BS 5041 Part 1 for wet risers.

    William Eagles


    Manifolds & spool pieces supplied with flanges to customer specification for installation with landing valves.

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